Our Feature

  1. Our Feature

    Strong relationships with major steel manufacturers stabilizes production and expedites turnaround.

    As a manufacturer of secondary products—namely cold drawn steel—we have established an extensive network of major Japanese and international steel manufacturers. We frequently hold strategy meetings to discuss quality, technology, prices, and sales policy for the near future. This gives us access to ample inventory and allows us to deliver small lots with quick turnaround that help us satisfy our customers’ wide-ranging needs.

    We have formed an alliance

    with Daido Steel Co., Ltd.

    The ultrapure clean stainless steel developed by Daido Steel is drawing attention as a promising material to support the semiconductor industry, which is expected to continue to grow in the future. Through an alliance with Daido Steel, a leading manufacturer of special steel products, Yamashin Steel will purchase this material regularly and distribute it domestically and throughout the world utilizing its advanced drawing (second processing) technology.

  2. Our Feature

    As a cold drawn finished steel bars manufacturer, we make high-added-value proposals based on advanced techniques.

    Cold-drawing is a special fabrication technique in which steel is shaped by drawing it through a die at low temperatures. The technique is characterized by lower material loss than cutting, grinding, and other fabrication methods, and by excellent precision because the steel is not heated. Cold-drawing steel also creates aesthetically appealing surfaces and affords the control needed to achieve a broad spectrum of final product strengths.
    We are one of the few Japanese manufacturers of cold drawn stainless steel. Our sophisticated techniques enable us to make unique proposals to satisfy our customers’ advanced needs, for example for the machinery and devices used in semiconductor manufacturing.

  3. Our Feature

    Our extensive stockpile of machinery and equipment equips us to dependably supply products to countries around the world.

    We own many essential machines for cold-drawing steel, including drawing machines that straighten coiled steel wire from steel manufacturers and draw benches for straightening steel bars. We also have heat treatment furnaces for forming the structure of stainless steel, acid pickling equipment for rinsing and removing films and scales from the surfaces of the steel, and more equipment, all of which allows us to create steel bars in a variety of diameters, sizes, and shapes, including round, hexagonal, flat/square, and deformed.


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